"Love Abridged" - February 2013


The Love Abridged Project came about through a series of discussions with jazz pianist, composer and educator Trevor Watkis and Natalie Wade, Director of Small Green Shoots - which does a lot for young, up and coming talent - nurturing and providing opportunities for young artists. 

We live in a time where we are constantly bombarded with TV talent shows such as X Factor and Britain's Got Talent which place their main emphasis on creating “quick hit' here today and gone tomorrow pop stars rather than building and developing artists so they can have a sustainable career and actually value themselves as artists rather than just a commodity of the pop music industry!

The main objective of this project is to help develop a younger audience for jazz - the young artists being seen in unusual but prominent public locations in London. By promoting, encouraging and the engagement of young people with the jazz genre. Giving young participating artists education, development and performance opportunities.

The four young artists, - who are all between 16-21, were selected by Trevor Watkis and through consultation with his colleagues, who went out into the local music community and listened and observed some of the young talents out there. They all either already had an involvement an association with jazz and improvised music or where involved in other music genres but had a keen interest in enhancing and developing their skills, sensibility and knowledge within jazz.

Love Abridged focuses on developing and showcasing the arranging/writing and performance skills of the young musicians. The idea is to take a selection of 6 songs which will be a combination of classic jazz, current and contemporary r&b and pop romantic themed love songs and give them an original contemporary but tasteful jazz rearrangement which will be worked on in a series of workshops with the mentors: Trevor Watkis, Eska and Tony Kofi, all are well known established performers and composer/songwriters, as we as being very much involved in music education. The project will enable the young artists to have a completely new experience of performance and showcasing high quality music in unusual locations. The young artists will take part in a professional photoshoot, the workshop sessions will be filmed performing and on location. Once the selected songs are worked on and completed, the participants will then perform the work live at specific times at prominent outside locations with strong links to London’s rivers, bridges and crossings on Valentines Day February 14th 2013.